Terms of Service

  1. Administration
    • net (the Site) is not a bookmaking or wagering site, no bets are taken or received.
    • The Site is owned and operated by Cash Out Kings Pty Ltd (ABN 646 319 226) (Kings).
    • Neither the Site or Kings offer credit or provide financial advice of any kind.
    • Kings provides opinions and suggested betting advices for sporting followers. The Site is not a bookmaking or wagering site, no bets are received. 
    • Kings reserves its right to amend these terms of service from time to time. By continuing to subscribe following notice of those amendments being given, you agree to be bound by those amendments.
  2. Membership
    • Kings offers membership to its tips by way of subscription to the Site. The details of each subscription, including the cost of subscription and type of service provided, is set out on the Site.
    • By subscribing to the Site, all members acknowledge, agree, and confirm:
      • that they will only place bets with licensed betting service providers;
      • to be bound by these terms of service;
      • the provision of any tips by Kings to a member is done so on a confidential basis and that all tips are proprietary in nature, with such proprietary interests remaining the ownership of Kings;
      • they are of at least 18 years.
      • While all care is taken in generating the tips, no tips are guaranteed.
      • Kings are not liable for any loss, financial or otherwise, incurred by a membership as a result of using the services provided by the Site.
    • A member may cancel their subscription at any time.
    • When a membership is cancelled, that member must pay all subscription amounts outstanding. No further tips will be provided following cancellation of the membership.
    • Kings reserves it right to delete any membership at any time for any reason in circumstances where that member does not comply with these terms or are rude, abusive, or otherwise improper in their dealings with Kings.
  3. Betting
    • Using and relying on betting tips is a form of gambling.
    • All members acknowledge that the tips provided by Kings are not guaranteed.
    • Gambling is a risk resulting in the possibility of losing an entire bet.
    • The Site and Kings are advocates for responsible gambling.
    • Any member who uses the tips provided through the Site for gambling purposes does so on the basis of gambling only what they can afford to lose.
  4. Account liability
    • You agree to indemnify Kings from any and all loss or damage arising from any breach of this agreement.
  5. Payment
    • The site accepts payments in AUD$ only. If a member is paying for a subscription in currency other than AUD$, that member must ensure the conversion amount is sufficient following deduction of any conversion charges.
    • The Site does not accept any loss or risk associated with foreign exchange.
    • Neither the Site or Kings offer any ‘money back guarantees’ or refunds of any kind except where such obligation arises as a matter of law.
  6. Use of the Site
    • You agree that in the course of using the Site you will not violate, or intend to violate any applicable law or regulation.
    • You agree that you will not:
      • publish on the Site any material, information, or thing, that infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other rights of any other party;
      • institute, assist, or become involved in any type of attack including, without limitation, denial of service attacks, upon the Site or otherwise attempt to disrupt the Site or any other person’s use of the Site; or
      • attempt to gain unauthorised access to the Site, System, Services, or Account registered to other users, or the computer systems or networks connected to the Site, System, or Service.
    • You must not use the Site to develop, generate, transmit, store, or publish information that:
      • is, or could be, defamatory, harmful, abusive, offensive, obscene, or hateful;
      • in anyway obstructs, interrupts, or interferes with another user’s use of the Site , System, or Service;
      • causes any unsolicited, illegal, or prohibited commercial, or otherwise, communication;
      • harms, harasses, or threatens another user of the Site , System, or Service;
      • violates, or would violate if released, any applicable law, rule, or regulation;
      • disparages Kings; and
      • constitutes, or would constitute if permitted, phishing, fraud, or theft of another person’s identity or information.
    • You agree that you will not:
      • obtain, intercept, examine, or observe, or attempt to obtain, intercept, examine, or observe any proprietary information, communications, or protocols relating to the Site;
      • use or attempt to use any virus, counter, third-party software, worm, Trojan-horse, software lock, drop dead device, trap door, or any other type of malicious coding, with the intention to obtain unauthorised access to, or damage, disassemble, distort, or otherwise disrupt the Site;
    • You acknowledge that the posting or publishing of any comments, submissions, feedback, idea or otherwise on the Site, will become exclusive property of Kings and that by posting or publishing any comment, submission, feedback, idea, or otherwise you acknowledge that you hold the right to post such material;
    • Notwithstanding King’s ownership rights to any published or posted material by you on the Site, Kings shall not; be liable for any compensation arising from such posting or publishing; or responsible to acknowledge, respond, or otherwise monitor such comments, submissions, feedback, or otherwise;
    • You acknowledge and consent that all content associated with your Membership account, including communications, identification information, personal information, posted or published materials, may be accessed and monitored by Kings and may be disclosed where Kings; reasonably believes it is obliged to disclose such information in accordance with legislation or the withholding of such information may result in a threat to the health and safety of you or other people; or is required to disclose such information to professional advisers; or under compulsion of law.
  7. Third party details
    • Kings may make available on or through the Site; services, content, information, or products from third-party providers, including partner companies. Kings makes no representations or offers any warranties regarding third-party services, content, information, or products and assume no liability for those third-party services, content, information, or products.
  8. Hyperlinks
    • The Site may contain links to websites operated by other parties. You acknowledge that Kings is not responsible for the content available on the other sites and such links do not imply Kings’ endorsement of information or material on any other site. You agree that Kings is not liable for your access to and use of such linked websites.
  9. Intellectual property
    • Kings retains all intellectual property rights in relation to anything on the Site, or directly or indirectly connected to the services provided by Kings.
    • You understand and acknowledge that, by visiting the Site, you do not acquire or obtain by implication or otherwise, any license or right to use or make additional copies of any materials or information displayed on the Site .
      You agree not to display or use any property owned by Kings, or third party content, located on the Site in any manner not expressly permitted under these terms of service.
  10. Disclaimer
    • By participating in any services provided by Kings on the Site, all members agree that:
      • any dispute, claim, or cause of action, arising directly or indirectly out of this agreement, shall first sought to be resolved without intervention of a court, tribunal, or other government agency;
      • any liability for your costs incurred or arising from any action in the preceding clause shall be limited to out of pocket costs, excluding legal costs which Kings bears no liability for; and
      • to the extent permitted under law, you waive all rights to damages of any kind.
    • Kings reserves it rights to modify, suspend, or terminate any membership in circumstances where it reasonably believes such membership has been tampered, interfered, or corrupted with or has suffered malfunction, damage, or failure. In those circumstances, Kings shall assume no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage arising from such modification, suspension, or termination.
    • Kings further reserves its rights to seek and claim damages from a user of the Site where it reasonably believes that user has caused Kings loss or damage.
    • Kings assumes no responsibility for any user suffering loss, damage, or destruction arising from the use of the Site.